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Annuity PC Power Manager

A Complete Power Management for Your Computer


As computers provide great precision and accuracy they are being used by people from different backgrounds. Computers have taken industries and businesses to a whole new level and have definitely made lives easier like never before. But have you ever paused for a while and thought about computer power consumption owing to its extensive use? If not, then it’s time to think over it.

Computer power consumption generates one of the largest expenses because of its wide spread use in every sphere but yet majority of users are unaware or have no visibility about their power usage. At simplest level, PC power management means activating sleep settings, shutting down system when absolutely not necessary and implementing other such similar power saving practices. Even though power management is easiest action one can undertake, it’s often overlooked by majority of people.

So, what next?

Users can take smaller steps towards saving energy through power management techniques. After adopting such favorable techniques, one can notice drastic changes in energy usage in near future. But users need to take a firm decision of choosing steady software which can accomplish the power management task independently.

Manage power in an organized way through suitable plans

An application known as Annuity PC Power Manager is stable enough to handle activities such as turning off display/hard disk, turning computer to sleep mode/hibernate, shutting down computer etc. Users can optimize and get more insights to improve and build better performance of their PC through effective power management plans. Depending on PC’s power state this utility organizes power plan settings.

Find out how Annuity PC Power Manager can benefit you

  • Annuity PC Power Manager can reduce desktop/laptop power usage and save a lot of energy each passing day
  • One can take full control of computer shutdown, wake-up and sleep modes through scheduled plans that automatically perform assigned plans/tasks

Overview of Annuity PC Power Manager

This software is a boon for both consumers and enterprises looking out for ways to efficiently manage power but certainly without changing the familiar working style. Download the software and follow the instructions given in setup wizard. Then, after successful installation launch the tool. Next, a home screen appears with three options namely Create Power Plan, Manage Power Plan and Schedule Power Plan. To take a closer look at each of these options, read the following sections carefully.

  1. Create Power Plan
    Users can create their own plans according to their need. Further, one can accordingly change power settings such as turning off display, hard disk, turning PC to sleep/hibernate, lock or wake-up from sleep etc. Also the program allows user to specify desired time interval for each of the tasks.
  2. Manage Power Plan
    Annuity PC Power Manager application by default offers three plans namely-
    • High Performance – Favors performance but may use more energy
    • Balanced – Automatically balances performance
    • Power Saver – Saves energy by reducing computer performance whenever possible
    User defined plans will also be displayed along with above mentioned default plans. Additionally one can enable any plan using this option.
  3. Schedule Power Plans
    Users can have a glance at scheduled/enabled power plan details by clicking on this feature and can also add currently available plans directly.

What existing end users have to say about this software?

“Annuity PC Power Manager has help me to efficiently manage energy thus improving overall performance of system and additionally cutting down power cost”

“With inbuilt scheduler, it’s possible to set desired time duration in order to automatically save power. It’s an amazing application which every PC user needs to opt for”

So far, Annuity PC Power Manager has proved to be most preferred PC energy management utility among various users. Get your copy of this software today by clicking here.